Life Skills They Don’t Teach Our Kids In School


I Know you can learn a lot on the school wall. Besides Academic requirements, learning life skills is the responsibility of parents, which I have. But considering how much I need to know the periodium system of elements and how much taxes I need to know, I think the balance can be better. Most of my college lectures are something I learned in high school, but before you let me into the professional world, no one asked me if I knew how to understand and control my emotions.

Nobody taught me student loans, I was so free to sign, “do it.” Everything’s going to be all right!

There are 15 life skills that children don’t usually learn in school, and they must know:

1. Basic financial management

Not talking about actions and portfolio (But, well, you too), it’s very simple, very necessary for the artistic financing and domestic financing decisions.

When Most parents are wrongly taught, this is an area children can use.

2.) Knowledge of credit and student loans

The Level of interest rates relieve me of a few megabytes of things.

We’ll have lectures and rehearsals before we get a driver’s license. Before He was in college, God knows how many tests he took. We Even offer a full range of the parental child before we have a baby. However, they can come to court with regular registration and several committees named marriage.

3. How Do so complex and important things affect everything from our money to our health, where our happiness has further training or leadership?

This is another thing that theoretically should be studying at home, except that a lot of child samples of relationships are really tragic because their parent model is small because there’s no education to maintain relations.

4. Personal communication skills

Children are born in the silent World of communication (shaping, change, news, etc.), so their personal communication skills, how to contact and connect with others, may need encouragement.

Since our ability to communicate effectively affects every aspect of our lives, it’s too much to gain attention at school.

5. Conduct negotiations

If we don’t have a chance to make an argument, we may never learn the art of negotiation-something all adults need at some point, whether they negotiate with their bosses, banks or husbands.

6. Our physical health

What about our emotional and mental health? What about our inner world? Is There more important topics for students and young people than understanding and perfecting stress, anxiety and emotion?

If the thinking and emotional awareness of the school school curriculum is important as a basic mathematical strategy, we can only raise a healthier generation.

7. The digital label

Time to learn from yourself, that it is about the Internet service and social sharing. Our children inherit Digital world, so they need to know how to live in a digital world.

8. Coding

Take it from the sequel to My Children, whatever. I would Rather learn modern skills such as encryption, computer science and engine search engine technology. If We want our children to have a solid life skills, they must understand their digital environment.

This is their life. Accordingly, “You do not know how long the program will become synonymous with inliteracy… If you can’t program, it takes up the whole world around you, and that’s programming. 9 out of every 10 schools, however, does not have coding classes and informatics does not expect high school graduation terms to be in 25 of 50 states.

9. Focus

Scientists are now realizing that the latest crops have an unforgettable ability to multiply, probably because of neuroplasticity (our brains are adapts and changed in the environment).

New York Magazine reports that children can “[Implement] 3 4 interviews with more than 6 different media or pay attention to the movement between the current goals in ways that are considered impossible “. But I’ve given her away and research shows that these kids are less underscored than ever before.

Perhaps the best we can do is teach these children to be free, to really listen and concentrate, than to subse each distraction like a squirrel.

10. Identify Our Passions

MARC “Seven weird questions to help you find your life goals ” You should read.

11. The Art of failure

Students are rewarded for a long time for their success and punished for failure, but what kind of class Did he send? Some of the most important lessons in life come from the greatest failure.

12. Time Management

Learning to maintain organized, missionary, and productive work is something that almost everyone needs in every career.

13. Meeting of the Cooking Foundation

No student should be able to attend school without having to have at least one bowl outside the microwave dinner and porridge.

14. Repairs and maintenance of domestic repairs

I Lived almost 3 0 years and do not know how to fix the pipe, or why my car makes the noise.

15. Survival skills/Basic

First Aid Our children can conduct exams and memorize the facts, but if they are trapped, do they know how to find water? Can I go fishing? Should we stop the bleeding? Do cardiopulmonary resuscitation? Pick up the weight well? Are you Watching a map without GPS? I Understand that these skills have learned my whole life, but shouldn’t we have at least one class based on human survival?